tickcropMove ahead with your vocation and relationships.

What is coaching?

Coaching can be your key to moving ahead. It involves focused support and accountability as you set your own course to reach your goals. I conduct sessions for those whose aim is to make changes that will result in a life that is closer to their dreams.

Coaching is not therapy.

Therapy is directed by a therapist and requires a “patient” to look deep within on a quest to reach deeper awareness or maturity. In contrast to this, coaching is self-directed. The coach’s role is to support the individual, offer insight and accountability. The coaching process involves the belief that change is possible in whatever state we find ourselves – even when we are imperfect (and of course we always are!).

I have helped students reach their degrees, individuals through job or relationship transitions – and those already happy with work and relationships to make more meaning in their lives.

When working with students (BA, Masters and PhD), my work compliments official academic supervision by helping the student identify strategies to better support their work. I firmly believe there are ways to navigate through any challenge.

I have 20 years of experience empowering students and individuals in professional and informal settings.

Email me and we can set up free phone consultation. Then, we can discuss what you need, rates and times to meet.